Paveletskaya HUB
Paveletskaya HUB
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The urban-planning model assumes development of the territory of Paveletskaya square with preservation of emptiness, considering historical succession of the station areas with the organization of parking space with different forms of activity and models of behavior of people. Formation of a new Aeroexpress terminal behind Paveletskyi railway station on the site of the cargo yard, development of the hotel and business area on Dubininskaya street and hotels on Kozhevnicheskaya street

Square 300 000 sq.m
Place Moscow
Status Concept

Moscow City Square as an urban segment in front of Paveletskaya Central Station has been degrading for 20 years distorting the urban environment and suspending potential development of the territory. Early in 2015 regional government had to rethink the concept of Paveletskaya Square and placed it on the list of 256 transport hubs to be developed in Moscow.

The project transmits an urban planning system and model development algorithm, including the social development of the infrastructure of the station and the surrounding area, implying identification, classification and distribution of people flows with regard to the business plan and investment development model.

Urban model envisages development of Paveletskaya Square that could preserve the city void according to historical tradition of the role of railway station squares with park space and its different forms of activities; forming a new Aero Express terminal behind the Paveletsky station in the former freight yard; and development of hotel and business areas in the adjoining streets. Four territory interventions are consolidated on the underground logistics space that connects crowd flow from Paveletskaya metro station, urban traffic, suburban.

Design concept of the PARK is formalized in geometry of the City Square, responding to transport and pedestrian traffic due to vertical geometry of the surface. Redefining the city square the project transforms Moscow reality by creating a fundamentally different model of a city inane space with its own activity, metaphysics and nature [forest, crater, lake, green hills, yards of rain, yards of snow, alley of quietness]. The new landscape geometry like a moss covers the industrial and technological spaces of the transport interchange hub hidden beneath its surface.

Apart of the Park proper, within the existing design there will be an underground space, hotels, apartments in the adjoining streets and a new «Aero Express» terminal.

Creating park in the city square and boulevards along the adjoining streets not only can preserve a character profile of the place, but will also emphasize the role of Paveletskaya Square in the city, incorporating it into pedestrian zones of Moscow river embankments. Park and boulevards will create variety of scenarios for outdoor activities. All commercial components of the project are located on the underground levels under the park.

The wings of the underground space are interlinked by the logistic level that conducts pedestrian and transport traffic. The main entrance to the logistics level (E) is planned from Paveletskaya Square.

The new «Aero Express» terminal will appear in the station freight yard, that is to be relocated to Domodedovo airport. It will make passenger transfer comfortable and effective. Arranging a hostel on the 2d and 3d levels, restaurants and a lounge space on the 4-th floor is also proposed.