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Architectural Bureau WALL

Activation of 4 former pharmaceutical production sites as a single new land.< /p>

Categories Public space
Place Moscow
Status Construction

Four sites scattered along the Yauza River in eastern Moscow, like archipelagos in sea ​​of ​​urbanization, retained their morphology, structure and aesthetics: two or three-story buildings with pitched roofs, narrow passages and chamber courtyards, monuments of old Moscow buildings and even examples of wooden estates.

By joining pads together not physically but as an artistic design method, it turned out to be a single super-quarter, assembled from identical matter, like the super-continent of Panagia, from which all the continents disintegrated.

The concept of a single land - PANGEA - is reflected in the pedestrian framework and the territorial zoning of the plots , interconnected by squares, boulevards, paving and plots, reflecting in their structure the boundaries of other sites. This narrative intervention structures each block into a public space, revealing its potential, highlighting the historical layers of development and incorporating it into the existing urban context.

Functional programming approach - health production - made it possible to program each of the four plots as a self-sufficient element, while simultaneously creating a polycentric multivariate structure capable of changing and regenerating social activity in former industrial areas.