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Our civilization is experiencing a new stage of development - the 9th technological mode - synthesis biological and anthropogenic matter, merging at the molecular level of living organisms and digital technologies.

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We are seeing a change and rethinking of traditional scientific knowledge and the emergence of new directions in science such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, quantum biophysics, nanomedicine. The understanding of time and speed is distorted. The density of communication is becoming the main characteristic of the quality of the urban environment. The new virtual reality, the development of social networks leads to an increased individualization of the individual, a change in his biotype, which requires different characteristics of the urban space.

The new present with the appearance of a new biotype and psychotype of the inhabitants will have an impact on the formation and rethinking the habitat: the living cell, the principles of settlement and the spatial framework.

Along with the processes of merging technologies and living matter, we see the need to synthesize residential cell and inhabitant at the intellectual and spatial level. The living cell becomes the 3rd shell of a person on a par with his skin and clothes, with the transition from a traditional stationary to an adaptive state. An individual living capsule is a [gadget] with a maximum of sensory properties filled with imaginative content that attracts attention and calls for active interaction, its own microclimate, monitoring the physical condition of the inhabitant, with adaptation depending on behavioral needs and the levitation principle of moving on magnetic cushions.

Getting into a three-dimensional cell, a person is not in the planning structure, but in free space. Spatial communication is excluded until the moment of direct contact of a person with the grid of space [there are special motion sensors in the floor, walls, ceiling that also react to heat]. Emptiness releases from a certain function in this way, the deformation of the space becomes less significant, its optimal organization at the moments of need is important - this makes the space more efficient for production and use.

The shell of the capsule has intellectual transparency, depending on its location and psychotype of the inhabitant .

The space of the habitat, its location, is independently determined and therefore formed by the individual . Depending on the psychotype and communication needs of a resident, landscape variability is offered: a park, an archipelago, a city. The variability of the communication needs of residents is projected onto the variability of planning and volume combinations of residential capsules.

Based on the idea of ​​attraction attract - attract]. On the ground, where points of attraction have been identified, magnetic cushions have been created that form a force field. Thus, the “core” of the house and the magnetic pillows must be equally charged in order for the bodies to repel.

The resident's introverted lifestyle is manifested in the discrete arrangement of one-story capsules in a wild natural landscape . The need for minimal communication determines a more compact arrangement of residential capsules - archipelagos. Increased communication need determines the accumulation of residential capsules in vertical anthills. At the same time, the levitation principle of moving habitable capsules determines the temporality of the spatial combination. Over time, there is a change in the psychotype of a person, which leads to the need to change the environment. In view of this, the living capsule changes its location, moving in the spatial landscape.